2017 Toyota Avanza Philippines Reviews

2017 Toyota Avanza Philippines Reviews

2017 Toyota Avanza Philippines Reviews. 2017 Toyota Avanza Toyota is a mini MPV designed by Daihatsu, which is the oldest company of manufacture of cars in Japan. Daihatsu has been to design and produce vehicles, then sold by name Avanza Toyota and Daihatsu Xenia and each one. Toyota aims to make a new advance. 2017 new Toyota Avanza expected with effective training combined with amazing exterior components that will fit with the modern interior.

2017 Toyota Avanza Philippines Reviews

Cozy and modern interior and exterior: really fits into your life. It comes with three rows of seats for 7 passengers, 3-point safety belt and air conditioning. Progress along your fully functional and versatile business: opening a world of possibilities. It has a capacity of more than 550 kg, spacious and comfortable interior space and fuel economy of streaming technology.

Indonesia is the country where Toyota Avanza is accepted very well so that is why this mini MPV of Toyota well known in Indonesian society. Manager of corporate planning and public relation of Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Widyawati Soedigdo told reporters in Surabaya, Saturday said latest advances in development, but they are not yet certain when it will be launched on the market. Since the launch of the first time until September 2014, more Widyawati, total sales of Avanza has reached 1.233.210 units. The highest record sales accounted for in 2013 with a total of 213.458 units, as compared to the realization of a number of 192.146 units in 2012.

This year, he added, advances during the period from January to September sales recorded only 124.801 units or still approximately 60% of the total sales of the year 2013. Until the end of the year, it is expected that the sales figures range from 150,000-160,000 units.

2017 Toyota Avanza Philippines Reviews

2017 Toyota Avanza Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the new Toyota Avanza 2017 can be described as elegant and luxurious, like the Toyota Innova. The steps of the new 414 cm lengthwise, advancing 166 cm width and wheelbase, height cm 169.5 265.5 cm Grill will also very elegant and in the front of the car we can find mount multi reflector headlight and indicators. There will be various levels of adjustment. S, SX and TX. Depending on the car level adjustment will have 15-inch or 14-inch wheels.

The first thing that we noticed in 2017 new Toyota Avanza is space. This model will have much of it. It will have capacity for 7 passengers. The cabin is also very precious and comfort. Leather seats are also a nice touch. The dashboard is very modern and has some interesting features. The drive can find power windows, USB ports, sound system 4 speakers and dual-zone climate control. The security features of the new moves will have the SRS airbags and safety belts are of high quality.

2017 Toyota Avanza Philippines Reviews

2017 public Toyota Avanza new measures awaiting length 4140 mm, width mm, 1660 1695 mm of height and wheelbase of 2655 mm. Outside expected as good as Innova currently. The exterior can be equipped with dynamic and elegant framework and other features such as side mirrors, door handles, etc.. The front may come with multi reflector lights, fog lights and indicators of round shape. This new model can be overcome with wheels 14 inche on model base S and SX and TX advanced models 15-inch wheels. The back light is attached in the form of vertical and probably reach an innovative style. The company can maintain that 2017 Toyota Avanza the back looks very soft with new adjustment of caregivers. Side window looks better and elegant, it will leave with a good quality glass that will make this new model is superior. Inside the car, waited designed by it can provide comfort and pleasure to passengers and the driver. While the Toyota Avanza is small size of the vehicle, fit wide bed provides comfortable seating or seven persons. The dashboard can be equipped with simple and sophisticated features. In auto Panel can be placed slightly lower to provide better visibility for the driver. The company must put more on the inside of the new distillation progresses. These new cars have door and subtly redesigned seat. This is to ensure that there will be enough space to change everything in the back seat. This car is also likely to add modifications and also introduces new features. Intends to offer a variety of components that includes a USB port, audio system with four speakers, ambient property control of dual zone, electric windows, solid frame and many safety features such as SRS airbags for passengers in the front seat.


2017 Toyota Avanza Performance

This Toyota Avanza 2017 is expected to come with the new engine made a fuel efficient and at the same time comply with the environmental standards of Asia and other parts of the world. This mini car to use a 1.5 four-piston gasoline engine liter VVT-i. system This engine can produce power from 190 horsepower and five levels of manual transmission available with this engine for better performance.

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