2017 Toyota Yaris SE Canada

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Canada

2017 Toyota Yaris SECanada. Where sports with sophistication - from the exterior aerodynamic profile for interior comfort. By focusing on the functions of controller as a mover of the palette, front heated seats, rear spoiler and Sports Grill, 2017 Camry SE is designed to stimulate the senses and makes travel really promote.

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Canada

The new Yaris sedan models by 2017. It has a bold new face, including new headlamps and lower hexagonal lattice and is offered with a wide variety of manual six-speed or six-speed automatic transmission. Basic Yaris sedan, which starts at $16.995, comes equipped with standard features like cruise control, power windows, air conditioning, power locks, AM / FM radio 4 speaker system with USB and Bluetooth, entry keyless, 60/40 split folding rear seat and pressing the start button. Automatic Yaris with a price of $18,200 and this update the Premium model, which applies to $20,200. Premium models come with features like alloy wheels 16 inch aluminum, a seven-inch screen, camera, fog lights and front seats heating glass. 

2017 Yaris hatchback has not changed and is available in three different models, five-door and three-door five-door CE LE. It has a new grille, projector-type headlamps, sport front seats, steering wheel leather-wrapped and lever changes, alloy wheels, spoiler and fog tail light. It adds air conditioning, tachometer, cruise control and keyless entry. The three EC doors come standard with audio 3.8 inch screen with USB and Bluetooth, power lock doors and windows and displays information of multi.

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Exterior

Overview of each, the Yaris sedan exudes a spirit of invention without fear. This is a small car to express your personal style, experience and always moving forward... a car for people with something to say. Witness brave design, electricity, designed for the world in motion. From the front end of the statue for the athletic, chiseled lines and aerodynamic exterior profile, the Yaris sedan seems to move even when you are standing still.
When it comes to embrace the style of small car, the Yaris Sedan radius dimensions and swivel makes the perfect size for the city. So the Rapids can navigate your life with ease, get the best of the small and elegant.

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Canada

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Interior

More than it seems, beyond the visible outside, Yaris sedan offers elegant interiors, smooth surfaces rich impressive technology and metallic accents, atmosphere of comfort premium with modernity. Full connectivity, Bluetooth® Audio connected to the display of Audio system available, Yaris sedan offers connectivity and entertainment systems that relies on his life.

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Canada

Love your life behind the wheel means enjoying the music takes you. 2017 the Yaris sedan has AM / FM 4 speaker sound system with Bluetooth®, while the Yaris sedan Premium capabilities and USB audio input offers two additional speakers and 7-inch screen. Fatigue from long drives thanks to a design that focuses on the driver seating position and optimal ergonomics. They offer sufficient space for the passengers with comfortable cockpit and accommodate your team with three rear seats and points for child restraint seats. Enjoy the feeling that add brightness with the front seat is available with heating.

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Performance

City streets Smart demand agile navigation. Get behind the wheel and the impressive experience handling growing electrical column attend address, suspension for improved ride comfort, stability and responsiveness and help the disc brakes with brake. The response of natural light. Appropriate feedback. Under the hood of the Yaris sedan each one situated 1.5 L direct injection engine 4-cylinder with sequential valve, naturally aspirated to reduce mechanical friction and creates a feeling of being agile and gentle warming during acceleration.

Adjust the Yaris sedan for your lifestyle with one of two high-performance both manual or automatic transmission. Embrace the feeling of the manual 6-speed manual transmission with a sporty, or opt for the 6-speed automatic. The balance between a high level of fuel efficiency and performance. Experience the superior efficacy and power offers soft, sensitive transmission, lightweight chassis and advanced 4 cylinder engine and transmission - without sacrificing driving performance. With a degree of efficiency of 4.2 L fuel / 100 km [combined Manual] or 6.4 L / 100 km [Auto-combinado], performance Yaris sedan at the pump really shines.

2017 Toyota Yaris SE Features

The power of high porous steel, has a Yaris Sedan means taking advantage of the exceptional reliability of precision engineering vehicle. The Yaris sedan body structure is made of steel with a large crack for optimal rigidity of the vehicle, which is the strongest interest. When you take the wheel of the Yaris sedan, equip you and your passengers with a range of safety features sophisticated. Belt tensioning and limiting strength of two-step pre driver and passenger airbag supplemental restraint system, Yaris sedan allows you to breathe easy every day.

Comprehensive safety of Yaris Sedan system incorporates six accident avoidance technology to help keep you out of danger: Dynamic Control stability (DSC), anti-lock braking system (ABS), system of traction control (TCS), distribution of electronic brake force (EBD), brake assist (BA) and brake system of cancellation (Chief).

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